Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Windsor Report

The Windsor Report has been released and it has enough in it to infuriate both liberals and conservatives. The report very Anglican, by which I mean it takes the middle way, leaving radicals on both sides smoldering on the sidelines. The report calls for the Episcopal Church USA to apologize for consecrating a gay bishop as well as the Diocese of New Westminster for creating a rite for same-sex blessings. I don’t envy the debate that’s going to ensue. Especially since I know that such a fight will be coming to my own Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

To be honest, I’ve heard no compelling arguments against same-sex blessings. (I know such a perspective will get me into trouble with some folks in my congregation, but I’d rather be honest about my position rather than have people muse about where I stand) The most often heard argument runs thus: “The bible says it’s a sin.” That’s true. But the bible also says that divorce and remarriage is a sin except in the case of adultery. But most churches accept divorced and remarried people into communion, even as pastors. And no one is threatening to leave the church over such blatant disregard to biblical authority. Or we just have to look at our pension plan and notice right away that by it’s very nature, we are breaking Levitical usury laws. So where’s the outrage? Where are the calls to repentance?

So the argument can’t be “the bible says it’s a sin.” I need a more compelling argument than that before I start putting limits to peoples' freedom in Christ.

But moreover, I think God has bigger fish to fry than worrying about how two adults love and care for each other. So do I.

For a persuasive call to a middle way, here’s a great Martin Marty article.

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Been enjoying your comments at the parish. Appreciate you stopping by. Can you tell me the differences, if any, between the ELCA and ELCC. Thanks.