Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The American Voter is Engaged

Long line ups at polls. 73 per cent turn out expected in Ohio. 84 per cent in Washington. Extreme emotions on both sides. The American Voter is engaged. A charitable person might say that this is great for democracy. An uncharitable person might say that this is a product of a deeply polarized America. No matter who wins, the conflict may intensify.

Al Franken calls today a "hallowed day" - Election Day. A day when we not only celebrate, but also participate in the "majesty of democracy." Being a Canadian, I don't think that Americans have a corner on freedom and democracy. But for better or for worse, their self-described witness to the values of citizen participation in its own governance can be a model for the world. But for democracy to work, we need an educated, informed, enagaged, electorate and an honest, open, civil, and fair process.

Time will tell if the Americans will live up to the standard they have set for themselves.

So today I pray for my American sisters and brothers, for peace and justice to prevail, and for the power of democracy to shine through their process.

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