Sunday, January 16, 2005

Children's Message: Epiphany 2 - Year A

One really cold night, Jamie could hear the fierce winter winds batter wildly against his bedroom windows. The large birch tree on the front lawn was being thrust back and forth, and the snow was blowing so hard, that when he looked out the window he could barely see the street. This was probably the biggest storm he had ever seen.

As he lay in bed he saw the wind rip a branch from the birch and hurl it at the side of the house where it landed with a loud thud.

Suddenly, the house became very dark. The nightlight in the bathroom vanished and the numbers on Jamie’s clock radio disappeared. Even the streetlights evaporated into the dark winter night.

“What was that!?” Jamie heard his mom cry out from the kitchen.
“I’ll go check,” said his dad, “Where did I put that flashlight?”

Jamie heard his dad shuffling around in the room next door.
“Ouch!” yelled dad, “did you move the chairs? I just caught my toe on one! Where is that flashlight?”

“Quiet, you’ll wake Jamie” Jamie heard his mom say.

“I’m already wake,” Jamie called out

“Have you been playing with my flashlight?” Dad asked.
“No,” replied Jamie a little miffed. If anything goes missing he’s usually the first one they blame.

“Maybe it’s in the basement by the furnace,” mom said.
“I’m not going down there in the dark.” Dad said. “We must have something up here. I remember using it last week to fix the pipes under the sink.”

“Who fixed the pipes?” asked mom pointedly.
“Okay, You fixed the pipes,” Dad admitted, “So where did you leave the flashlight then?”
“It must be down here somewhere,” said mom.

Mom and Dad were talking so loudly that they only began to be aware of a faint ratcheting sound.

“What’s that noise?” Asked mom. “It sounds like a rat chewing on a metal wire.”

Now they were not only looking for the flashlight, but they were also trying to figure out where that creepy sound was coming from.

Then the sound abruptly stopped and a huge white light appeared under Jamie’s door.

“That’s it, I’m gonna kill him” said Dad. “He had the flashlight all this time and let us look all over the house for it.”

When they opened the door, they saw Jamie sitting on his bed beside the wind up camping light he got for Christmas, reading.

“Jamie, I forgot you had that thing. "But I figured it was just a toy. I had no idea it would be so bright!” Dad said.

“I forgot about it, too.” Said Jamie, "Until I tried to find the door and ended up in my closet.”

“It’s funny how you found a light when you were looking for something else,” said mom. “It’s sort of like that bible reading where God says that we will be a light to all people. We were looking for a flashlight, but we found a light that was even brighter, where we least expected it.”

“Now can we bring this light downstairs? I think I have to check to see the garage is okay.” Said dad.

But before they went downstairs, they said a prayer like this as we do now: Dear God, help us to be your light to all who need your warm bright love. Amen.

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