Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What Harper needs to do to win

Calgary Grit offers Harper some free advice. Here's a snippet:


Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. None of this wimpy “wait for Jack” nonsense. One of the reasons people have soured on Paul is his “Mr.Dithers” label. Don’t look desperate, but you should stand up November 14th and announce that you cannot support the Liberals in light of the Gomery Report – toss a non-confidence motion out there and force Jack’s hand.

I just need to emphasize that THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.

Yes it is. But CG is wrong on one thing. He says that Harper should keeping hammering away at Liberal corruption. That would be a mistake. They should offer a compelling reason for traditionally Liberal voters to turn to the CPC other than they're not Liberals.

Gomery should be only part of their strategy.

Kinsella has this advice for Harper: "policy, hope, you love the country."

Harper also needs to muzzle some of the more radical members of his caucus. Most Ontarians are afraid of anything that smells of extremism. So, maybe Cheryl Gallant should be sent on a vacation until after the election.

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