Saturday, February 11, 2006

Complete Idiot's Guide to WHAT? WHO?

I was browsing the bargain book section at Save-On Foods this morning and found the coolest book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jesus.

What a FANTASTIC title!

This book wasn’t about Christianity. This wasn’t a history of Jesus. This was all Jesus.

There are lots of scholarly books on Jesus, books where Jesus ends up looking like a perfected image of the author; a tweedy professor, a 1960's hippie radical, or Republican businessman.

Not this book.

This book was a quick but thorough jaunt through the gospels, presenting Jesus untainted by any discernable denominational influence (not that such a bias would be a bad thing).

But I always thought that the Holy Spirit guided us to Jesus. Not a book that claims to provide a pathway to the saviour. But the book made me stop and think.

I didn’t buy this book. I just thought it was cool.

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