Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Narnia v Da Vinci

Emerging church guru, Dan Kimball, ponders the evangelistic value of the Da Vinci Code movie over Narnia.

Here's a snippet:

I sort of find it kind of sad that the church has to get so excited about films to do evangelism, rather than being excited about the ongoing relationships we have with those outside the faith for evangelism. It feels weird that I would invite someone to a movie to explain what I believe in rather than letting my life and what I can be talking them about personally would be.

Amen, brother, preach it! Evangelism happens through relationships, through loving other, not through agruing with the culture.

But, he does offer a compelling agrument for a film (or book) like the Da Vinci Code as a jumping off place for beginning a conversation.

Read the whole article.

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