Friday, October 20, 2006

Sting says today's rock is a bore

I'll say. I stopped listening to pop music radio while driving (I’ve since moved to audio books) because the quality of today’s music sucks so badly. It’s as if pop music writers are part of a growing cohort of illiterates. And the music makes me nostalgic for the blandness of the 1990’s.

Like Sting, I’m also partial to medieval music. In fact, when I was studying music, my two concentrations were New Music and Medieval music. I figured I’d bookend the Western canon. After all, who needs another Brahms specialist?

Also, a sacred beauty illumines much of that early music. Maybe even a naiveté that merely assumed God was present and alive among them. At least that’s how I heard it – and still hear it.

Maybe I’m more nostalgic for 1595 than for 1995.

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