Friday, November 03, 2006

Ted Haggard

No doubt, some foes of conservative evangelicals will squeal with delight over the scandal surrounding Ted Haggard, and his alleged tryst with a male prostitute. The hypocrisy is too craven if the standard bearer for traditional family values, and one of the most influential evangelical leaders is a closeted gay man. I look at Haggard’s situation with sadness because we have one two scenarios being played out here:

1.Haggard is guilty is charged. And this is not what the world needs, another fallen high-profile preacher. But more than that, his church, his marriage and family, and countless others who have been impacted by his ministry will be affected by this. That is not a cause to celebrate. If he’s guilty, he’s hurt many innocent by-standers.


2. Haggard is NOT guilty. And what we have is someone smearing a high profile person for his own political agenda, ruining someone’s reputation, and possibly his marriage. If this is the case, then progressive people need to come down on this sort of behaviour. Hard. If Haggard is innocent then it should be more difficult to ruin a guy's career.

Either way, Haggard, his church and his other ministries, as well as the male prostitute need our prayers.

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