Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ship Shape Spirituality

I coined the phrase, ’spiritual well-being in good order’ - about the theme of the Clergy Conference. One of my correspondents inconveniently but reasonably wants to know what I meant. I think that what we were exploring was not just the disciplines of the interior devotional life - although that is foundational. Where we were heading was towards exploration of the nature of ministry and the personal and spiritual demands which it makes - that for the most part we don’t have professional skills or cut-outs to work with - rather it’s ‘nothing in my hand I bring …’ How do we deal with our fear? How do we deal with other people’s anger - and our own? How do we connect at the deepest level with people but, at the same time, maintain the space which makes ministry possible? The answer to all of those question is, for me, inextricably linked to our spiritual and emotional well-being.

Very helpful perspective from an Anglican Bishop.


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