Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sermon: Easter 7 - Year C

Last Saturday’s Globe and Mail had their yearly “Top 40 under 40” and, once again, I couldn’t find my name on the list. The Globe says that they get a cross section of people from every field of human endeavor, but 38 out of 40 of these people came from the realms of big money. Not that money, on its own, is a bad thing. But the criteria for being the best of their generation seemed to be their ability to amass great amounts of it.

Maybe I’ve got the wrong gig. If moments of glory come from vast sums of cash then I better get used to picking up the scraps of well-heeled entrepreneurs or powerful executives. They are the ones - we are told - who shine with glory.

Don’t you just lust after that kind of glory? Don’t you daydream about it? Wish for it? Maybe even...(the whole thing here)

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