Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stelmach v Daveberta

I’ve tried to stray from politics on this humble blog, but this is just too silly NOT to report on. Especially when it’s happening to a fellow-blogger.

But it seems that Ed Stelmach, fresh from the glow of giving himself and his one-year-old government an A+ (For what? I’m not sure.) is suing blogger Daveberta (also see my blogroll) for buying the domain

Daveberta didn’t purchase said domain name until four months AFTER Stelmach became premier. If you read the letter, one of the grievences is that Daveberta has "misappropriated" Stelmach's identity.

(What makes this even funnier, and Stelmach even pettier, is that Daveberta points the domain to one Harry Strom. If you don't know who that is, just click on

It shows that the premier does NOT understand the online world, a world that is quickly, if not has already become the dominant mode of economic transaction and discourse.

What Stelmach should have done was simply buy the domain name from Daveberta. It would have been a lot cheaper than legal bills and more in the spirit of a "new" technological age. Releasing the hounds on a student blogger makes the premier look small and mean.I just hope Alberta tax-payers aren't paying Stelmach's lawyer fees for this nonsense.

Stelmach has the political instincts of a tit-mouse.

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