Saturday, December 06, 2008

Love your enemies...?

...don't give me any of that hippie crap. Just ask Rick "Purpose Driven" Warren, who believes that governments have a divine call to "take out" other heads of state (and he didn't mean for Chinese food).

I used to like Rick Warren. His Purpose Driven Church was helpful in assisting me to think through congregational outreach.

But he's recently been a darling of the Religious Right, which I think has gone to his head.

You might point out that Bonhoeffer acted upon what Warren just muses about. But Bonhoeffer knew the cost and paid it. Whether you think Bonhoeffer was right or wrong he acted according to his conscience from behind enemy lines. He was deeply conflicted about his complicity in his assassination attempt against Hitler. He didn't pontificate from a comfortable studio half a world away. He was knee deep in political struggle. In fact, he resigned from a comfortable tenured position at a prestigious seminary to join the fight.

Where is Warren speaking from?

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