Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stephen Harper: Prince Charming of the BBQ Circut- or not?

This is just silly.

Personally, I couldn't care less if the Prime Minister is Mr. Personality. I care if he/she is competent and has a compelling vision for the country. Harper should be selling his policies instead of flipping burgers.


Lex Luthor said...

Its a diversion tactic. The CPC knows they are weak on vision and weak in leadership. By trying to prop up the leadership, they are trying to buy time to build up a platform for the election. And as the MSM keeps following it, it'll be Canadians who get the sucker punch.

Anonymous said...

Silly is a matter of perspective.

I guess us Conservatives prefer a leader with a practical talent (flipping burgers), while you Liberals prefer a leader with more abstract talents (like flipping policies).

At least Martin has a compelling vision for how to hold on to power!


Kevin said...


My point was that people seem to be more interested in how "charming" Harper could be rather than his policies. The CPC should be showing how their policies could improve our lives rather than his affinity with a spatula.

Not that I'm any fan of the current regime in Ottawa. PM knows how to win, but he doesn't know how to govern.

If Harper and the CPC can do better, great.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's probably the media that is more interested in how 'charming' Harper can be ... the bigger problem might be that most voters are more interested in the personality of the leader than in their policies.

If Harper had been barnstorming the country with policy, do you think there would have been any public or media interest?

Unfortunately, I think the Conservatives are falling to the Liberal plan of photo-ops and sound-bites ... we've tried policy and Canadians just don't seem too interested.

But maybe I'm just biased after seeing our last few leaders have their personality demonized without discussing their policies ...


Kevin said...

Preston Manning wasn't demonized. In fact, he's well respected in most of Canada.

But, you're right with regard to Stockwell Day. Day's position on health care was completely misrepresented by the Libs, something that the MSM did nothing to correct.

But Day had other issues, as well, that separated him from mainstream Canadians.

The only thing dogging Harper right now is his infamous "Firewall" memo to Ralph Klein, and the more fringe members of his caucus. He should issue a directive to his MPs banning the words "Notwithstanding clause." Those words send shivers down the spines of the electorate east of Manitoba, playing, for better or worse, into the fears reliably Liberal Ontarians have for the CPC.