Friday, September 15, 2006

Stupid Church People

A cool blog I recently encountered has this:

As we reached my house and it was time to say goodbye the most amazing thing happened. The pastor and his wife gave me an invitation that I couldn't refuse.

No... they didn't invite me to come to their church.

No... they didn't invite me to join them for a small group meeting.

No... they didn't invite me to join hands with them and pray for my life.

No... they didn't do anything vaguely resembling what a "good" pastor might do.

No... what they did was extraordinarily human-like.

They invited me (and my kids) to their home to hang out and watch TV with their family.

And guess what? I said I would... and then we shook hands and hugged goodbye.

Simple. Easy. Effective. Relevant.


Stupid Church People

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