Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tension and Opportunity

The church where I’m pastor is aggressively thinking about buying a new building. The three Roman Catholic churches in east Lethbridge are consolidating and building a fancy-schmancy new grand edifice. They say it’s because of the lack of priests that they need to do this. These three churches are packed each weekend at multiple Masses. So membership numbers is not the problem. Priest scarcity is.

I think it’s a bizarre solution to a staff shortage. Deal with presenting problem. They have three good churches. Find ways to keep church strong. Be innovative. Raise up lay people to serve.

But their decision to build has given us an opportunity. A lot of exciting ministry possibilities will come with a move one block south.

But with opportunity comes tension. Where will the money come from? Can we sell our existing facility? Will we be weighed down with financial burden that could overwhelm us?

Or, I think, most importantly, How will our ministry grow if/when we move? What new ministries can we build? How will this new building help us to be more faithful disciples of Jesus?

These are questions that we shouldn’t stop asking.

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