Friday, September 12, 2008

Kevin Little on Living in Suburbia

Two years ago, I moved to the suburbs. It was the most unlikely of destinations for someone who loves the unique neighbourhoods of our city, public transportation, and the diversity of our downtown. God willing, this will be our last move.

We do live in a suburb that is unique. All of the homes are built with different designs, we have plenty of woods (an acre of trees separates most of our houses), we are very close to a major shopping centre, and soon an Express bus will be available to take us downtown.

I am surprised how much I love it here. I have no handy skills, every plant I touch dies, and I have no ambitions to add value or turn my home into some Martha Stewart vineyard. I love the rabbits that appear on our lawn, the birds that appear in our trees, and especially the wild flowers that grow in our ditches. I love the fact that for the first time in my daughter’s life she has access to friends her own age in close proximity. I love that it is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful here every day.

There are things I miss. It takes me...(rest here)

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