Monday, January 05, 2009

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

nastyboy tagged me with the job meme thingy. Here are the jobs I've had (that I can think of)

Farm Worker
Delivered flyers
Paper carrier
Cart boy/painter/ salesperson/truck driver/deliver guy/pretty much anything that needed to be done at Beaver Lumber
Telemarketer (for three hours)
Trombone player
Director of Brass and Winds at Ontario Mennonite Music Camp
Credit salesperson (people will actually PAY for credit - on top of interest. I made good money on it. Four weeks of this paid my rent, beer, and half my tuition)
Clothing Salesperson (at Northern Elements)
Pastoral Intern
Receptionist at Window and Door store
Stocked shelves at Dalhousie University Bookstore

And I'm sure some other stuff that I can't think of.

UPDATE: I forgot Research Assistant, tree planter, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff.

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