Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weight and See

Folks have been asking if I’m going to be handing over my hard earned bank notes to Canada’s new governing party.

So here’s an update:

My weight plan is in full swing. I haven’t lost as much as I was hoping (Christmas can be a hard time to shed any redundant protoplasm), but I’m back on track, and will win the bet I have with myself. Definitely.

I’ve been eating this stuff. It doesn’t taste all that great but it helps me get the nutrients I need in a handy dandy format. I do notice that I think more clearly when I drink it. The energy bars taste like moldy moose ca-ca (or as I imagine such things to taste like) and sits in my belly like a hunk of molten lead.

Also, my wife and kids gave me a manly grey yoga mat and yoga weight loss DVD for Christmas. The New Age stuff that gets thrown into this makes me roll my eyes, but I’m tired and sore after 40 minutes of this.

Soon I’ll be back in my old pants, and my boyish figure will once again grace the sanctuary chancel. Just wait and see.

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