Monday, March 16, 2009

Lenten Reading Mark 6:30-56

Mark 6: 30-56

English theologian NT Wright on Jesus feeding the 5000 then walking on the water,

“...For generations people have supposed that walking on water is offered as evidence of Jesus’ ‘divinity’ (as opposed to being hungry, sad, or, thirsty, which is supposedly evidence of his ‘humanity’). It’s not as straightforward as that.

‘When Mark draws the veil aside in chapter 8...the conclusion is not that Jesus is divine, but that he is Messiah. True, Mark will point beyond that to deeper truths as well; but at the moment this is where the story is going. Somehow the remarkable things Jesus is doing point, in Mark’s mind at least, to the truth that Jesus is truly the human one, Israel’s Lord, who is to be the world’s Lord, anticipating in his rule over wind and wave, over bread and fish, the sovereignty that Israel believed would have over the whole world. When the New Testament writers want to tell us that Jesus is in some sense divine, this is not something to be set apart from hunger, thirst, fear, sorrow, and death itself, but found mysteriously in the middle of them all. What we see now is his genuine humanness; this is the authority that humans were supposed to have over the natural world, and lost - forever, it had seemed - with sin and death” Mark for Everyone, pp. 83-84)

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