Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Harper Pockets the Communion Wafer

As a clergyperson, and especially as a Christian who takes the sacrament with great seriousness, I'd find it troubling if ANYONE came to communion without the intention of receiving Jesus' body and blood, and put the wafer in his/her pocket. So, this isn't a partisan jab.

Why would Harper come up for communion if he didn't want to receive the sacrament? Did he think that NOT coming up would be dis-respectful to both Romeo LeBlanc and the Catholic Church? Did he think his absence at the altar would be unnecessarily conspicuous and that as PM he should participate in the sacrament since all eyes would be on him? Is this a gluten issue?

Whatever his reasoning, it looks like he's trying to hide something. And this action is disrespectful.

UPDATE: Harper responds and Archbishop defends him.

UPDATE II: Since when does CBC claim copyright on Youtube (if you clicked on the video above, you kn ow what I'm talking about)? Here's a raw version of the video. Censorship sucks:


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