Thursday, January 21, 2010

Belly Be Gone: Update 1

My weight-loss scheme is being met with modest success, both financially and in tons per square inch. I’ve been choking down this green concoction made from two handfuls of fresh spinach leaves, a leaf or two of kale, a tomato, a banana, a mittenful of frozen berries, and a few cups of water. I blast it in the blender and slurp it down. Surprisingly tasty. Can’t detect the kale at all.

Drinking my salad just part of the plan. I'm also trying to get more exercise in each day. Well, at this stage, I’m trying to spring my motivation from the witness protection program. I HATE exercising. But I know it’s good for me. So I’ll do it. Kind of like drinking kale.

Made other slight adjustments. Using smaller plates. Drinking more water. Less of that sugary, toxic junk in my coffee. Small but noticeable changes.

I’ve already lost 3 pounds. And that’s with barely trying. Looking forward to the new me.

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