Monday, February 08, 2010

Belly Be Gone! Update 3

Two spinach smoothies. 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. 30 minutes strength training. 20 minutes walking around Save-On Foods. I’m baking beans and chopping veggies this afternoon. I’m glad the sun is shining. I find it easier to get motivated when I can see the promise of summer.

People have asked why I’m FINALLY getting back in shape after so many false starts.What makes this time different from all the other efforts?

Well, I turned 40 last year and began to feel my age. I wasn’t happy with the sedentary and fast food lifestyle I was living. I didn’t feel like “me.” The happy, confident, energetic, specimen of power and manliness that I was previously seemed to be disappearing. I wanted to be that man again.

Also, my marriage ended. And I’m sure being out of shape and the attending emotional consequences of poor eating was a contributing factor in its demise.

I need to do better. I am doing better.

So I made a deal with myself to make 2010 the best year of my life EVER. And getting into the best shape of my life is the highlight of that plan. Especially when I’m losing weight/gaining strength in front of 200 people, many of whom have sponsored me in my quest. With my personal integrity and charity money on the line I DEFINITELY need to reach this goal!

But I’m using the weight loss/strength gaining program to remind myself that good stewardship starts with the self. But it doesn’t end there. I’m re-gaining my health so I can be a better person, a better servant to those around me, a better dad, friend, lover (if/when that happens again). So I can have deeper connections with people. Healthy relationships begin with healthy bodies. I can’t properly love others if I’m treating my body like a rental car.

Time for another spinach smoothie.

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