Thursday, June 16, 2005

I've been tagged...

I’ve been tagged by Father Jake for the book meme.

1. Number of books I own: close to 1500 (I’ve inherited a few libraries)
2. Last book I bought: Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work by Eugene Peterson
3. Last Book I read: Alms by Cynthia MacDonald
4. Books that mean a lot to me:
i. The Sign of Jonas and Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton
ii. The Chosen and My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok
iii. Life After God by Douglas Coupland
iv. Douglas John Hall’s Trilogy of Systematic Theology (Thinking the Faith, Professing the Faith, Confessing the Faith)
v. The Rule of St. Benedict
vi. The Bible

5. Tag (at least five more)
Catholicism, holiness, and Spirituality
Mike Burtt
Dancing with the Spirit
Mai Mew Sings


Steve Bogner said...

I did this one back in May - check it out at:

Jake said...

Thanks for this, Kevin.

You've given me acouple of new titles to add to my "must read" list.

Saheli said...

Thanks, that was fun! Here are mine.

I actually had started this list before you tagged me, and then stopped. So I put The Chosen without looking at yours! :-)