Thursday, June 23, 2005

Romania's Orthodox church disowns priest after nun was crucified

Warsaw (ENI). Romania's Orthodox church has disowned a monk
after he allegedly crucified a trainee nun during an exorcism
ceremony that was said to have taken place, and it has closed down
the convent where the killing occurred.

"The church condemns this deviant act by this strange person of low education," said Costel Stoica, spokesperson for the country's Bucharest patriarchate.

"It has nothing whatever to do with Orthodoxy, and nothing
of the kind has ever occurred in the history of Romanian

I'm glad that the patriarchate has condemned this bizarre act of religious nuttery, calling it a "deviant act by this strange person of low education."

However, they DID ordain the guy and put him in charge of a monastery. Maybe the Romanian Orthodox church needs to re-visit their formation process.

See the orginal story here.


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So it would seem.

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