Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nine women to defy Vatican to become priests

OTTAWA (AFP) - Nine women, including one Canadian and one American, plan to defy the Vatican and become the first female Roman Catholic priests and deacons ordained in North America during a ceremony on a boat on the St. Lawrence River next month. (read the rest here)

Of course, this is purely symbolic as their ordinations will not be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.


Psychols said...

Wow Kevin, I was surprised when I followed the link. Excommunication for the first seven women to become ordained seems shocking. To me this was not a crime against the church, it was an expression of their love for the church. I hope the excommunications have been revoked but there was no mention in the link.

I guess the Vatican may ignore this because it does not recognize the ordination of the two women bishops who will perform the ordinations. I wonder if the Anglican church will recognize them if they can demonstrate Apostolic Succession (which seems to be the case).

Steve Bogner said...

Too bad it has to come to this, though. I favor ordination for women and married men & women and hope that some day things change.