Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sermon: Pentecost 7 - Year A

East Liberty Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh, PA, is, shall we say, an odd congregation. Even though, on Sundays, they look and sound like your everyday, garden variety, Lutheran church, they have a unique way of living in their neighbourhood.

Well, maybe not unique by their neighbourhood’s standards. Located in the inner-city, they have some pretty odd folks coming through their doors. Folks smelling up the back pews. Folks babbling incoherently. Folks napping on the sidewalk outside. Folks coming to worship armed to the teeth. Yes, we’re talking about guns. Because the neighbourhood they live in is pretty violent. And the church has a “come as you are” policy.

Instead of moving to the suburbs when the neighbourhood changed, they chose...(the rest here)

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Mike said...

Very nice sermon Kevin. I enjoyed reading it. A good message for all.