Friday, July 15, 2005

What's your ecological footprint?

If everyone lived like me we'd need three planets, according to this quiz prepared by the folks at I'm certainly aware that our family needs to do more to protect the earth.

How do you score? Thanks to Maggie.


Saheli said...

Gah. 4.3 planets for me, though I'm still about 80% of my compatriots average. (America vs. Canada there?) I appreciate the reminder, but the numerical data snob in me thinks that the intervals were too wide and the data too fuzzy to have any digit as significant as a 0.3 on a that figure. Still, a very good find. Thanks!

Mew Sings said...

My footprint is 10 hectares. Yes it is WAY too big. But there are many things that the short survey can't address. The largest contributor to my large result is the size of my house, which is much larger than we wanted but it is what we found. We try to be extremely energy conscious. Also we probably eat too much packaged food. But we now have a large garden and an orchard and chickens for meat and eggs, all of which are organic. Also we are watershed stewards so hopefully we can restore some of the years of damage that have been done to our waterways.
Living in the countryside seems to be a negative in this survey, as it causes more driving, more land use, etc. However I can't imagine that the world really would be more ecologically healthy if we all lived in tightly cramped urban dwellings.