Friday, January 13, 2006

Andrew Scheer's blog has been hi-jacked

Andrew Scheer, Conservative incumbent for Regina - Qu'Appelle had a blog. Not a very good or frequently updated blog, but still, a blog. One of few but growing number of Members of Parliament who venture forth and communicate with Canadians without the safety net of a communications staff.

But today, while snorting back pizza at my desk I decided to check and see if Andrew had updates for us greedy, little, blogging politcal junkies. What I found instead was a short, badly written, academic paper on Salmon Rusdie and Norman Mailer with links to porn sites (don't bother looking at my links, I've already deleted Scheer's hi-jacked blog from my template - pervert).

Either Scheer had gotten really weird, or something was amiss. I choose to believe the latter. Say what you want about Scheer's politics, but he's not dumb.

This is not new. Last year, a Christian, pro-family, anti-same-sex marriage group, angry over (then) proposed Bill C-38 bought Don Boudria's domain name and pointed it to their site.

Rick Mercer, in response to Conservative Jason Kenney's suggestion that it was Boudria's own fault for not registering his name in domain form, borrowed Kenney's name and pointed it to Egale, the gay advocacy organization. Touche.

I don't know if the hi-jacking of Scheer's blog is politically motivated, but I do know it is childish, and adds nothing to our political discourse. In fact, it diminishes it.

UPDATE: Revised for spelling. See comments for a possible explanation about what happened to Scheer's blog.

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