Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sunshine and Rain

It finally stopped raining. 168 mm of rain fell since Monday here in Lethbridge, and has formed a small pool of unwanted moisture in my basement. But it’s nothing like last year – yet. I’m told that we’re supposed to get more rain next week.

I guess this is good for the farmers, and what’s good for the farmers is usually good for the rest of us. If those who grow our food think that this moisture’s a good thing, then I can live with little puddles finding their way into my basement.

But I’m glad to see the sunshine. The grey dullness has left me without much energy. Sermon writing has been like pulling nose hairs. I’ve been short with people I’m supposed to care for. Last night I threw a hissy-fit because the pizza I was cooking dropped upside down in the oven.

I used the f-word. I punched the wall. And my kids ran for cover.

This is not like me.

Right now I’m heading home to walk in this beautiful sunshine and the burly south Alberta wind. Then I’ll take another shot at cooking that pizza.

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