Friday, February 09, 2007

Back from Canmore

I was away in Canmore for our Synod Study Conference, which is why I haven’t been blogging or answering much email. As usual I bought a boatload of books that I won’t get around to reading until early 2009.

I arrived at the conference feeling tired, nervous, and anxious. I left under-rested but hopeful. I was very impressed with our new bishop and how he handled the contentious Issue facing our church. When new bishops are elected I usually take a “wait and see” approach, cautious optimism mixed with ecclesial realities can often turns a guy like me into a cynic. But our new bishop provided strong leadership without running over anyone. I was very impressed. And relieved.

The main presenter, Tom Yoder Neufeld led us through a powerful exploration of the scriptures using the lens of “peacemaking.” It was both challenging and refreshing.

But now I have a stack of work on my desk that needs tending to. Not the least of which is my sermon for Sunday.

Procrastination over.

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