Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Jesus Never Asked Us to Become Christians"

Drew Marshall on 100 Huntley Street parts one and two:

Here's his response to the many responses to his appearance.

Hi folks,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to clear up a few things as a result of the overwhelming response we've had to the 100 Huntley debut.

The hosts who interviewed me, Reyn & Kathy Mainse, I have great respect for. They are definitely not one of the many "Jesus Salesman" on TV who live lifestyles of opulence! I felt they handled the interview quite well considering the fact that I pretty much used that time to vent 25-years of frustration with "Victories Only - Jesus TV" which has left the rest of us "messy losers" a tad alienated and utterly bewildered at our spiritual ineptness. My "Ken & Barbie" comment was meant to only illustrate just how good looking they are - NOT how fake & plastic they are!

As for Norm's comments at the end - "Get a life Drew. The Howard Stern of Christian Radio" - I'm pretty sure he felt a little flustered after my interview, having just assaulted many of his traditions and beliefs, and he tried to recover with "funny." Hey, if anyone knows about trying to be funny and it not working... it's me! As for being called the "Howard Stern Of Christian Radio"... if that means that I talk about things others are thinking but don't have the guts to bring up... no worries. God knows, that if the Church had actually been talking about some of the stuff we talk about on our show, my spiritual life might have been a whole lot healthier along the way!

A few people were surprised at how intense or even angry I came across during this interview. Some have said that maybe I just need to take a break and "get healed" or "filled." Maybe my emotions just stood out so much because no one is EVER encouraged to be that vulnerable or honest on these types of God shows? I AM FRUSTRATED and actually, YES... I AM angry. Very angry, at how Christian leaders have been allowed to consistently get away with selling a North American, narcissistic, materialistic, "what's in it for me", squeaky clean, sterile Christianity. The Christianity I see being sold (You can't actually sell something unless people buy it - so wake up people and stop empowering these Princely Pawns) is quite simply, getting in the way of people finding Jesus, following Jesus, being in a relationship with Jesus. I think I actually hate "Christianity!"

Cultural Christianity is KILLING US!...(the whole thing here)

I hadn't heard of this guy before, but, he's saying a lot of what many of us have been saying over beer at the pub. To me he didn't sound all that radical, but, given the Mainse's response and "Drew, get a life!" comment at the end, some folks are comfortable in their Christianity.

For me, I'd rather see a stripped down, bare bones Christianity than live with or in a suburban, Pleasantville, version of biblical faith.


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