Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kevin Little on "Keeping it simple in the 'burbs'"

Kevin and Lucy coming from the library (Kevin, what's with all the gray hair?)

I live in the suburbs. I never thought it would happen. After all, isn't that the place where gated backyards are bigger than front ones, where forests are plowed under, and streets ironically named for the hardwoods that were removed, where people drive to get the mail across the street? It is.

But living in a six-year-old house in a modern subdivision has benefits I had not anticipated.

Because our home is so new it has many of the environmentally-friendly applications that older ones don't.

And unlike our former neighbourhoods in Ottawa and Toronto, here there are children, potential playmates for our daughter.

Growing up downtown

I grew up in a rough part of Halifax. I remember police coming to our school regularly, the regular vandalism of the wading pool, tennis court and playground. The proximity of poverty to our middle-class family taught me many lessons in how I viewed wealth and possessions.

On my first day of school, my classmates came with
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