Monday, June 04, 2007

Sermon: Trinity Sunday

I have a friend who was stringing two women along – one of them his finance - and rather than weigh his options, read the bible, draw on the sage advice of his elders, take a break and get some exercise, eat properly, and get a decent night’s sleep, - or even pay attention to common sense, he tried to puzzle his way out by looking for supernatural signs from God.

He thought God would let him know what to do by pointing him in the right direction, not through Wisdom, but through signs. And while the sign from God hadn't yet appeared to let him know what to do about his big dilemma – which of two women he was stringing along should be with – he believed that if he submitted himself to God's will in the small things, eventually God would speak to him about the big things. It got to the point where he'd be earnestly praying about which way he should walk to school – this path, or another? What socks did God want him to wear? Did the Almighty desire that he wear blue or white underwear?

Then again, how did he know...(whole thing here)

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