Saturday, December 29, 2007

Links Updated

You probably didn't notice but I've added some new links. In no particular order:

1. Andy Rowell: A Th.D student at Duke Divinity. If I had the cash and the grade point average, that's the program I'd LOVE to take. Andy's blog has some excellent reflections on leadership, theology, and church life.

2. Jesus Creed: an Uber-blog by New Testament scholar Scot McKnight. Thoughtful reflections on post-modern theology and church expressions.

3. Tony Jones: National Coordinator of Emergent Village, a Ph.D student at Princeton, and writer of many books. He's a good link between mainline and evangelical emerging church types.

4. Kelly Fryer: Former ELCA pastor, now full-time church consultant.

5. Letters from Camp Krusty: I love this blog.

Check 'em out. Today.

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