Thursday, April 02, 2009

Caught in time...this time.

You may remember last year when our front tire almost came off when my wife and kids were driving on the Deerfoot in Calgary. Well, it’s happened again. Yesterday, the car started making an awful noise. So, when we pulled over we saw that there were only two bolts holding our front passenger side tire on.

I called the dealership and had them take a look at it.

“Looks like someone’s been messing with your car,” the service guy said when I picked it up.

The blood drained from my face.

“You mean the bolts wouldn’t have shaken loose on their own?”

“Nope. We use machines to put them on.”

“Maybe there’s a problem with the threads,” I said.

“No, we didn’t have any trouble putting the new bolts on. The only way to get these off is with a wrench. Someone’s been loosening your tires.”

So, if looks like either my family has an enemy. Or someone’s been trying to steal the tires. Either way, a phone call to the police is in order.

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