Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lenten Reading Mark 12: 28-44

Mark 12: 28-44

Allyn, at this morning’s bible study, pointed out that to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself” implies that one has love for one’s self. That’s a great point. I think many of folks struggle with this passage because they lack a healthy sense of self-love. Not a selfish love, but an appropriate sense of self-respect.

The other side of this is that God expects us to love ourselves appropriately. I think, too often in Christian thinking there is a sense that humility means that we put ourselves down, rather than see others in the world as equals. Humility doesn’t mean thinking we are less than others, humility means that we don’t think of ourselves as better than anyone else.

And out of that respect for others grows a servant attitude, that we see each other as people valued by God, and so in need of the same love that we’ve been given.

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