Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Biennium, Another Convention

Off to National Convention (*sigh*). I used to really enjoy these things. And there are parts of it I’m looking forward to. Mainly catching up with friends and seeing someone I connected with in Mexico a year ago. Plus, it’s in Vancouver. How bad can it be?

But these gatherings can be both boring as watching golf on TV and as needlessly acrimonious as Don Cherry spouting off on politics during Hockey Night in Canada. Adults behave like children. Voices rise so loudly in debate that it makes Question Period look like the Harvard Debating Society. So, I get bored AND annoyed. No wonder I have stomach problems.

If you get a chance, say a quick prayer for the convention. And for the whole church for that matter. I don’t really know what these things accomplish, but I know we need a good strong jolt of the Holy Spirit to help do whatever we’re supposed to do.

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