Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July Pastoral Letter

Dear Good Shepherd Family,

After Vacation Bible School is over, we’re going to try something different with our sanctuary. We’re going to try facing the west wall as we worship, simply as an experiment. This will NOT be a permanent change, but a trial to see how we can more effectively use our worship space.

Right now, in our shoe-box formation, people sitting at the back of the church have complained that they can’t see what’s happening at the front. It feels a 1000 miles away.

Also, as we integrate more technology into our worship services, the space needs to be re-configured to meet these emerging needs.

I and your church council would like to hear from you about how it is working. But perhaps save your comments until AFTER we’ve experienced the new arrangement. At first you may not like it. But after a few weeks, after the shock of the change has worn off, you might find yourself settling in, and entering into worship in a whole new way.

In Jesus’ Name,


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