Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogging Through Romans: Romans 2: 17-24

Romans 2: 17-24

Here, Paul’s primary audience is identified: Jewish Christians who aren’t obeying Jewish Law (or are really lazy in their observances) but who insist in teaching it to others. And more than that, these Jewish Christians derive tremendous national pride in as being observant of Jewish Law.

But Paul seems to be saying that pride in being observant is misplaced. It’s their value as God’s chosen people that’s to be the centrepiece of their lives, not on how well they observe Jewish Law.

Christians are not exempt from misplaced pride. We’ve heard of some Christians who seem to be proud of being “bible believing Christians” rather than God’s people of grace. They seem more interested in believing the right things according to the bible rather than living in God’s mercy and forgiveness.

I think that’s because it’s easier to control peoples’ behaviour than to let God be God. But Paul says “NO!” to anything that smacks of bible worship, directing us instead to the one whom the bible proclaims, and from whom we find our identity as God's people: Christ crucified and risen.


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