Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogging Through Romans: Romans 6: 15-23

Romans 6: 15-23

“Grace is not a license to sin,” I often hear. But the implication afterwards is “so don’t sin.”

As if it were that easy. We like to condemn sin. We like to make sure that this whole grace thing doesn’t get out of control. We like to put boundaries around peoples’ behaviour.

Because boundaries mean power. Whoever puts the lines around peoples’ lives gets to control what people do.

I think that’s why we hear more law than gospel from most preachers. It’s easier and more empowering to condemn others than to set them free. It puts us in the position of God. If we trust God’s grace then that means that we have no part to play in governing peoples’ lives - which we LOVE to do.

But we will ALWAYS sin. We will ALWAYS be slaves to something that’s not God. That could be power, money, sex, control, work, whatever. And, as Paul notes, Only God’s redeeming grace can set us free from our slavery.