Monday, September 28, 2009

CIBC Sucks

(for an update on how this was resolved, click here)

I've been banking with CIBC for over a decade. My wife and I have our family credit card with them. As well as our retirement plan.

Last month I applied for a new CIBC VISA card. As proof of employment, they wanted copies of my last two pay stubs. Which I faxed to them.

I waited. Waited. And waited.

After about three weeks I called to check on the status of my application. Here's how it went:

Me: I'd like to check on the status of my VISA application, please.

(went through the usual reference number, name, address, phone number etc.)

CIBC: Sorry, Mr. Powell, but we need some more information to finish your application.

Me: What information? I sent you everything you asked for.

CIBC: Your pay stubs have been rejected.

Me: Rejected! Why!?

CIBC: Your pay stub was dated for August 31 and you faxed it on August 28. You can't send post dated pay stubs because you may be unemployed for the three days between you sending the pay stub and the date that is marked on it.

Me: You're kidding, right?

CIBC: So now we need to see your T-4 slip. I'm assuming you're not self-employed.

Me: No, I'm not. But why can't I just send you two more pay stubs? Why do you need my T-4?

CIBC: Because your previous pay stubs were rejected.

Me: But what does one have to do with the other?

CIBC: We can't now trust your pay stubs. We need a T-4.

Me: I faxed this information to you almost a month ago. Why wasn't I told the pay stubs were rejected?

CIBC: The departments don't communicate with each other.

Me: I was mailed a notice ASKING for the INITIAL information. Why couldn't you do the same with asking for MORE information?

CIBC: We don't mail material with private information. Someone could steal the letter and the information.

Me: But you send me my other VISA bill every month. And that has personal information. Even my credit card number.

CIBC: Yes, but we don't send letters with personal information when someone is applying for a VISA card.

Me: Why not?

CIBC: In case a husband is applying for a card and doesn't want his wife to find out.

[I kid you not]

Me: I beg your pardon?

CIBC: We don't send letters containing personal information through the mail in case one spouse is trying to hide the card from another.

Me: You're kidding.

CIBC: No, sir. That's our policy.

Wow. Just Wow.

I'm reconsidering my relationship with CIBC.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever experienced these insurance policy calls and they automatically enroll you in an insurance plan without your authorization? well that's what happened to me. I talked to the guy for about 45 minutes pretty well about how he was from Africa and moved to Montreal, and I told him a few times earlier in the conversation that I was not interested in the policies. So he asked me if it would be alright if he sent me package information regarding the policies and call me back at a later date. I said sure whatever.. just to shut him up about signing onto something. Months later I discovered that I was actually being deducted about $18 per month for something I never gave authorization for. Currently CIBC is apparently investigating the situation, but they said that they do not need to reimburse losses up to 100 days or something. Regardless I've been battling them for over a month now about the situation. I could go on about how much they do no appreciate their customers, but I dont think I have enough characters to type it all lol. Lets just say that the local branch manager lied to me twice to get myself out of her hair. and now im dealing with management

Anonymous said...

I am a new CIBC customer. I just opened an account with CIBC.

This bank is the most hostile bank I have done business with. I am not a difficult customer, I have other banks which I am currently doing business with and I am very happy with. But here comes CIBC.... It was a TOTALLY "DIFFERENT" experience.

I am too disappoint at CIBC to write my personal experiences except to say the people there are arrogant, the products are costly and their recent account Promo is almost like a scam.

Just want to offer a warning: Avoid CIBC like plague.

Shanda Harper said...

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