Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging through Romans: Romans 7: 1-6

Romans 7: 1-6

How would you identify yourself? Who makes you who you are? For me, I can say that I am a member of the Powell/Eckert family, husband to R, dad to S and N; pastor at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Canadian, etc.

It’s tempting to want to self-identify with those parts of our lives that we have some control over. Where we work, who our family is, who our friends are, where we live.

But Paul is saying that we no longer bound to the relationships of this world, that we are bound to Christ because we have died and risen with him in baptism.

Does this mean that our relationships don’t matter? Does this diminish the quality of our connections? No, but that they are only temporary. Our relationship with God changes the way we see the world and ourselves. Because we have died and risen with Jesus, we see the world with Jesus eyes: dead to sin and free to serve.

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