Friday, March 18, 2005

Alliance swamp may put chill in Conservative party marriage: Peter MacKay

Boy, you couldn't see this coming a mile away...

MONTREAL (CP) - An angry deputy leader of the federal Conservatives said the newly merged party is in real jeopardy and expressed reservations about having helped to unite the right.

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I should have taken bets on how long this party would last.

The fight that's happening today among the CPC is the 80's style boxing matches over who's brand of right wing ideology will prevail and define conservatism in Canada.

I don't envy Harper's postition. Any move to the centre and he'll suffer the wrath of the party's radical wing. Any move father to the right will alienate the former PC's and voters east of Manitoba, not to mention that a moderate Conservative Party would look a whole lot like the governing Liberals. To me this doesn't sound like much of a choice.

I don't know about you, but given that choice, I'd rather go with the devil I know.


Psychols said...

Western social conservatives made their move and MacKay had no choice but to object loudly and publicly. Even if the motion doesn't pass, the damage may already have been done.

Poor Harper's run of bad luck continues. A move to the social right may make the CPC entirely unelectable. If it moves further to the left, the social conservative may leave and form yet another Alberta protest party.

Compared to the CPC, the Liberals are starting to look like a very tight ship indeed.

Andrew Vandersluys said...

It truly is sad to see... are we doomed to a liberal dynasty in perpetuity? *shiver*