Sunday, March 20, 2005

As a proverbial pooch...

Naomi, our youngest, has a nasty flu. Sophia, our oldest has a dreadful cold. Soon, they will swap ailments. In the meantime, I have what Naomi has. When I'm finished with the flu, Sophie will share her cold.

My body aches. My stomach is on fire. My head is pounding.

This morning's two services just about ended me.

Have mercy upon me now and at the hour of my death...


A centrist Conservative Party. Hmmm. We'll see. The PC wing of the party has prevailed, but the Alliance wing is probably wondering why they had a reform movement to begin with.

To many voters, this may look like the CPC will unload core values just for a grab at power. They need to shed themselves of Stephen Harper. He's too much Alliance for voters east of Manitoba. If Bernard Lord were leader, however, the CPC might have a shot at a majority.

But we'll see.


Steve Bogner said...

Oh, I remember those days when the boys were young and sickness spread ever so easily! Well, hang in there. THink of it as a workout for your immune system - you're going to get a stronger one out of this!

Of course, easy fo rme to say since I'm not the one who is sick ;)

Kevin said...

Naomi has been sick since Thursday. Sophia since Friday. Me since yesterday. My wife is starting to display symptoms. The next few days will be interesting.

My immune system is riding a Nautilus.