Friday, March 11, 2005

Ralph Klein plays politics with a tragedy.

"This fellow Roszko had a weapon," Klein said Wednesday when reporters asked him about the gun registry. "Whether it was registered or not, it didn't prevent him from using it in an illegal and tragic manner."

He said he hopes the senseless deaths will bring back the debate over whether the billion-dollar federal gun registry is worthwhile.

So says Ralph Klein.

That's like saying we shouldn't have laws against stealing because people are going to steal anyway and it costs to much to enforce them.

If Klein says the problem behind the Gun Registry is the cost, I buy that. Even many Liberals are saying that the cost is getting out of control. But Klein is saying that "It doesn't always work, so it's a bad idea. Bad guys still get guns." Find me a law that does what Klein wants the Gun Registry to do.

Klein is just shoring up his right wing base and using these four young men as political fodder.

Mr. Premier, don't play politics on the day when four families bury their sons and brothers. It dishonours their memory and the important work they did for the common good.

Today is a day for grieving. Not for politiking.

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