Friday, March 04, 2005

Lutheran leader in Holy Land urges treaty to end Middle East Violence

Jerusalem (ENI). The head of the Lutheran church in the
Holy Land has urged Israel and the Palestinians to skip interim peace negotiations and work at finalising a treaty that would give Palestinians an independent state of their own. "Now is the
time to negotiate an end game for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to implement it quickly," said Bishop Munib Younan, the
leader of the 3000-member Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan & the Holy Land.

While this may seem hopelessly naive, Bishop Younan has been a tireless worker for peace between Palestinians and Israelis for many, many years.

Being a Palestinian Christian he is able to negotiate between the two factions because he doesn't have as large a theological stake. But Bishop Younan has often remarked that many evangelical Christians are no help in achieving peace in the Middle East.

But of course, peace in the Holy Land is not the objective for many conservative evangelicals. Armaggeddon is.

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