Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I would have never seen this coming in a million years! Belinda joins Liberals!

I've never been a big fan of Belinda Stronach. To me, she's been the face of raw political ambition; using her daddy's money to attempt the leadership of the newly merged Tories (and possibly the PMO). Politics as game for the wealthy children of the elite.

But her actions today reveal a broader motivation:

...by forcing an election before the Conservative party has grown and established itself in Quebec, the hold over Quebec of the Bloc Québécois can only grow into the vacuum. The result will be to stack the deck in favour of separatism and the possibility of a Conservative government beholden to the separatists.

(Read the rest here. )

Exactly. If a snap election is called the protest votes in Quebec will not go to the Conservatives. They will go to the Bloc. Does Stephen Harper really want to jeopardize Canada's unity for a grab at power in a minority parliament with the Bloc as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition?

Today's Globe has a good article on Belinda's liberal conservatism.

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