Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Okay, I get why Tories are upset, but could you lay off the sexism?

"Whore" "Prostitute" "Bimbo" "Dipstick" "Blonde Ambition" These are just some of the words I've been hearing today from Conservatives to describe Belinda Stronach and her defection to the Liberals. Would these kinds of names be hurled at Peter Mackay if he was the one that defected? Even Scott Brison, in all his homosexual glory, was saved the brutal personal attacks after he crossed the floor and joined the Liberals.

It's terrible how we treat our women.

I get why Conservatives are upset. This is a HUGE betrayal. I'd be upset too if, say, Liza Frulla or Lucienne Robillard (granted, not exactly a great comparison) jumped ship and landed with the Bloc. But nasty, childish, sexist name calling demeans the democratic process and hurts women who aspire to power.

Let the voters of Newmarket-Aurora decide if her defection is a betrayal to the principles she ran on. In the meantime, let's be civilized.


Anonymous said...

Sick eh?
Like most of the namecallers pay much attention to politics.

Civility takes work. It's just easier to be sexist.

I saw a documentary on female parliamentarians. They have it harder than many of us care to think about.

You are right. Her riding voters will call the shots about her career. Blog on! BD

Psychols said...

The name calling is undignified and inappropriate..

I think Belinda Stronach will do well in Newmarket-Aurora. It's a traditional Liberal seat and she won by a small margin because of her personal appeal.

Instead of blaming Belinda, perhaps it the CPC should look at its own part in the defection. If she is to be believed (and there is no reason she should not be believed) she left because she didn't like the direction that Harper was taking. Many of us agree with her.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hadn't heard any of that. I think you're hanging with the wrong conservative crowd ;-(

... and I thought that my first thoughts when I heard of her crossing were too harsh ... "Beautiful, rich, intelligent ... oh well, she's still got 2 out of 3" ...


Anonymous said...

Uggghh ... I've now heard your sources - while I think Liberals might be stupid, these Conservatives are idiots. I'm thinking my only options for the next election (either next month or after Gomery) will be Green or a spoiled ballot.