Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blair's election fortunes are bolstered by Britain's unpopular opposition

LONDON (AP) - He's loathed by sections of his own party, has been heckled by voters and accused of lying over the Iraq war.

Yet Prime Minister Tony Blair heads into the final days of Britain's election campaign leading the polls - partly thanks to alienated Labour party stalwarts who will hold their noses and vote for him anyway May 5

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Could the same thing happen in Canada once folks in Ontario start hearing four words: Prime Minister Stephen Harper?


Psychols said...

Hi Kevin,

I'm disappointed that Blair is ahead because he took the UK to war in Iraq.

I hope you are right about the PM Stephen Harper thing. I suspect that given the chance he would take Canada to war if the US so instructed.

Kevin said...

There is no alternative in Britian. The Conservatives are running a nasty, anti-immigration campaign, and Liberal-Dems are not quite really for prime time.

The Labour party needs a new leader. Blair's currency is plumeting. If Robin Cook took over, I think Labour would see a revalization in the party, and might win a fourth majority in 4 years, if, of course, they pull one off on Thursday.


Psychols said...

Robin Cook gained much credibility when he publicly opposed Blair on the invasion of Iraq. He presented himself as an eloquent, respectful and reasonable politician. One wonders, however, if he has any chance of replacing Blair. Itappears that Gordon Brown is the frontrunner as the next leader.