Friday, April 29, 2005

An epiphany or a confession; I'm not sure which. Maybe both.

My wife and kids have been away for a week and I’ve already fallen back into my pre-marriage habits.

I haven’t eaten a well balanced meal since April 21. I’ve gone through a case of beer. I’ve watched far too much TV (and TV really sucks – except for the Simpsons, CSI, and Law and Order). And I lounge around the house in shorts and a T’shirt (this being Canada, the weather is still hovering around the freezing mark – that’s 0 degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit, for you Americans, still the only country on the planet still using the old imperial measuring system). That's how lazy I feel.

I had wonderful plans of working out. Finishing up the tofu in the fridge. Reading all those novels I don’t get to read because there are two small children exhausting my time at home.

So I’ve come to a conclusion: My wife is keeping me from being a total pig.


Dan Eckert said...

Hey! Don't be so hard on yourself. I could tell you a few tales about the sloppy habits of your wife when she was growing up... :)

Sloth isn't really considered a deadly sin anymore... if so I'm in big trouble!

Kevin said...

Sloth may not keep me out God's grace, but it will make me suffer my wife's wrath ;)


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I'm learning this. When Ana and I spend time together, I eat better, act more politely, and generally take better care of myself.
When she's not here, I belch, chug beer, and watch dust mites in the corner. To feed the guinea pig last night, I put her in the crisper for a half hour and let her go to town.
I think I'm getting married to save me from myself....